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Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz are the freshest funk group Hungary has to offer at the moment. The nine piece band delivers exactly that raw and dirty oldschool sound of the late sixties/early seventies which we are into. Six funk’n’soul tracks spiced up with some afro and jazz elements, from slowburning jams to uptempo floorfillers. The band includes Zimon Péter (drums), Michelberger Tamás (organ), Jenei Miklós (bass), Sághy Bálint (guitar), Bada EmĹ‘ke (MC), Nagy Illés (percussion, MC), El Balogh Krisztián (percussion), Lior Paz (sax) and Tóth Bence (trumpet).

A magyar funk szcéna legfrissebb üdvöskéi a Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz, akik az 1960-70-es évek koszos hangzását hozzák. A jelenleg kilenc tagú banda az amerikai deep funk vonalat követve, azt több testvérstílussal keresztezve emelkedik ki a hazai zenei világból. RecsegĹ‘s gitár, szakadt orgona és egymondatos szövegek. A debütáló hat számos lemezen lassan guruló, középtempós és pörgĹ‘s darabok is helyet kaptak. A zenekar tagjai: Zimon Péter (dob), Michelberger Tamás (orgona), Jenei Miklós (basszus), Sághy Bálint (gitár), Bada EmĹ‘ke (MC), Nagy Illés (percussion, MC), El Balogh Krisztián (percussion), Lior Paz (szaxofon) és Tóth Bence (trombita).

Quotation marks:

“I really like the tracks… I can hear lots of different musical influences so it’s a good mixture, not just ‘funk’…which can get very boring. The music has been recorded well and the drums sound heavy! ..also the artwork looks really nice which is a nice bonus for me. It will be a pleasure to hear this band at the gig, I’m looking forward to it!” (Dj Format, UK – Project Blue Book)

“I really like their sound and will support it as best as I can.” (Tobias Kirmayer, D – Tramp Rec.)

“Plan B is a very good tune” (Paul Murphy, UK)

“Sounds good” (Peter Parker, UK – Fingathing)

“Nice one. Some really cool tunes on this one… definitely will play in my funk sets.” (Tom Strauch, D – Switchstance)

“Great music!” (Minimatic, FR – ChinChin Rec.)

“Funky as a Mongoose with an attack of the funk” (Mr. Bird, UK – Heavy Duty Booty)

“Very cool EP! Nice vintage sound and fat groove. I will support it!” (Mop Mop, IT – Tam Tam Rec.)

“Great band!” (Danny Massure, US – Spring Strut Rec.)

“Niiice like it” (Palotai, H – Tilos)

“…jók a számok kifejezetten” (Suhaid, H – Tilos)

“Szuper” (Bodoo, H – FPT)

“Állat! Ez kur*a jó, nem az a béndzsa nufunk fos! Pont, ahogy szeretem.” (Von Yodi, H – Mana Mana)

“Nagyon tetszik!” (Csucsu, H – Dubszékház)


released May 25, 2012




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